AVA Workshops

AVA workshops tackle complicated issues women face in the workplace. We provide an environment to honestly Assess your current situation, an opportunity to Visualize your future, and a highly interactive experience to Advance career-critical skills. 

  • In-person - physically or virtually

  • Interactive - no presentations!

  • Actionable - careers skills you can use today and for the rest of your career

  • Safe - confidential, no judgement, encouraging environment

  • Collaborative - peer support and coaching


Virtual Workshops

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Power & Influence

Multi-day workshop

with follow up group coaching.

Leave with the tools to advance your career. 

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Women Colleagues

Power & Influence

We offer corporate versions of this workshop too. Companies supporting women's career growth and advancement love our P&I workshop!


 Power & Influence Workshop

Workplace politics are critical to professional success. Some even say it's more important than job performance. The world is a competitive place and it is not always fair. Sometimes others play by rules that you aren't part of.  You will leave the workshop with the tools and the support to advance your career. We focus on three steps to get you there: 

Assess yourself and your environment.

Without self-knowledge and self-reflection, you can't get better. We will introduce and discuss the unpopular truth about  power in the workplace. Additionally, we will help you identity your relationship to power, the power in your current environment, and how to identify sources of power. You will leave with a stronger understanding of how power can help you at work.  You will have the skills and tools to assess your current power position.


Visualize objectives and identify gaps.

Only you can be responsible for your career.  We introduce the concepts of influence, help you identify your gaps to power and influence and then help you identify your workplace objectives. You will leave with a heightened awareness of your ability to have power and where you need to work on attaining more power and influence. You will have a defined destination of where you want to go and who the power players are in your path. 

Advance to your career objective leveraging power and influence skills. 

To leverage power and gain influence you need the ability to put yourself in others place and to understand power from their perspective. You will learn how to build relationships with those that have power. to identify the power players and learn how to put yourself in their place. And you will build confidence and competence by role playing and practice leveraging those sources of power and unexploited resources. 


You will leave the entire AVA Anchor Power & Influence workshop with more confidence in your skill and capability to identify, harness and benefit from the power resources in your career and in your organization. You will have a plan to make critical relationships work whether you like the person in power or not. 

BONUS: Cohort/Group Coaching

As part of the AVA Anchor Workshops, we offer one year of group coaching with your workshop cohort. The workshop won't be a one and done. You can reach out to your cohort or the AVA team to help you practice and master the skills you have learned.  

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2021 Workshops

Two Day Workshop: 

Workshop On Hold. 

Dates TBD Due To COVID

Learn and master the two most critical skills in your career.

plus one year of group coaching