AVA Success Beyond Wins, 

 Business Negotiation Workshop - Virtual 

 Shared Understanding. + Get Beyond Fear. + A Solution That All Parties Are Happy With. 


Featuring Mala Subramaniam, MBA, MA

Author of Beyond Wins: Eastern Mindeset For Success In Daily Business Negotiations. 

Mala Subramaniam negotiated for twenty years in global companies to achieve transformational projects and taught negotiations for ten years. She inspires people to go beyond their traditional thinking in solving business problems. Her talks, a blend of Eastern and Western philosophies for negotiations, are full of original ideas, stories and business cases that illustrate key lessons.

 Tuesday, November 9, 2021, 5:30PM PST - 7:30PM PST- Virtual 

 Participants will become confident work-related negotiators, 

 including promotions, job assignments and compensation. 

Do you feel the pain of dealing with the same customers, vendors, employees, and bosses every day to get your job done? Are you afraid to ask for raises, promotions, or job transfers? If so, you may not be aware that your career depends on how well you negotiate in these situations. If this thought stresses you out, it’s because you are programmed to think that each negotiation ends when one side wins. This view is flat-out wrong.

In AVA's Success Beyond Wins, Business Negotiation virtual workshop, Mala will help you look past the element of fear in business negotiations. She believes " 90% of negotiations fail because the people involved do not have a shared understanding of the problem". It’s a gap in communication. Eastern philosophy says if you zero-in on the problem at hand, the solution is automatic.

By adopting an Eastern mindset in business negotiations, you will stop looking at the other person as an opponent. So much of Western business negotiation is about “winning,” Mala will show you how to steer away from immediate gains and shows you how to achieve business results and relationships that last.


 $95 per person 
 Tuesday, November 9, 2021 
 5:30PM - 7:30PM PST - Virtual 

BONUS: Mala will address each participant's personal question/issue individually at the end of the workshop. 

Limited participants so that you get more personal interaction with the speaker, facilitators and your fellow participants. 

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