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Corporate/Association Workshops

AVA Power workshops cover theory of power, sources of power and issues and opportunities that power brings. The goals of the workshop are to

  • Educate participants about power dynamics at work 

  • Equip participants with tools and techniques to improve professional relationships using power as a lens 

  • Enable participants to be successful in managing interactions at all levels 

  • Increase employee engagement by enabling participants to create and follow an actionable plan to advance their goals

Influence and the dynamics between power and influence can be added to the workshop. 

We can do a multi-part series or a one-off event. We love to do them in person but are ready for a virtual event in these times too. 

Women Colleagues


EXCELLENT session with GREAT content about the positive impact of power. What it is, who has it, and why...

What I liked the most is the real life examples of how the concepts of power could be applied.

I liked how the presenters of the event educated the audience and provided great tips and answers to questions.

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