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What Are The 4 Employee Engagement Enablers?

What Are The 4 Employee Engagement Enablers?

I’m committed to growing my leadership skills and currently lead a productive, happy team of 7 professionals. I saw your post on Maslow’s Hierarchy as it relates to employee engagement and shared it with our team. They feel good about our team communication on strategy and they feel heard.  They want to see more of the big picture outside our team and to understand their role in the overall organization vision and how they can be part of it.  Can you share about the 4 enablers of engagement and how I can move the team from Belonging to knowing that what they do makes a difference?

AVA Advice: 

Awesome that you and your teeam are together on a journey to enhance engagement and grow towards Self-Actualization. This will result in continued success and cement your team position as a valuable asset to your company, even inspiring others along the way.

The Four Enablers of Success are the result of research done by MacLeod and Clark (Engage for Success.) STRATEGIC NARRATIVE is when visible leadership paints a strong, clear message of where the organization is now and where it is going. This gives employees the understanding of the company purpose and objectives.  ENGAGING MANAGERS focus on people as individuals, coach them and stretch them, while providing the keys to get the job done. When there is EMPLOYEE VOICE throughout the company, between departments and externally, reinforcing and challenging views, then employees are really seen as a key asset. Finally, ORGANIZATIONAL INTEGRITY: Are the values on the wall reflected in the behavior that is rewarded? Without integrity there can be no trust and without trust there can’t be meaningful engagement.

One great next step is to discuss these enablers with your team and identify together where the gaps exist for them.  It is a wonderful way for them to have their voice and to see your engagement as their manager.  Best wishes on your common journey to Self-Actualization!

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