Using Power and Influence To Negotiate A Raise

“I was the executive assistant to the President at a big oil company. I had been doing a good job for the past year. I found out I had been left out of a raise all the others got. I wanted the same raise and gathered all of the information on my performance. The night before, I practiced with family at home so I would remain confident when I asked my boss. The next day, my boss said I did not get a raise because in his CEO networking group I was already the highest paid. I replied, “well we are best oil company, don’t you want the best and highest paid executive assistant to show how important we are?” And I got the raise. 🅰AVA Advice: ❇️This week we are sharing a success story that followed the AVA formula for career success and utilizes much of what we teach in our Power & Influence Workshop. 🅰A: She assessed the situation and did her research so she would be prepared. ♈️V: She visualized what her goal was - the same raise as everyone else. 🅰A: She role played her request with her family. She also did something very interesting in the moment. She knew she could not use any formal or legitimate power with her boss but she used the power of attraction by using her charm. And she influenced her raise by stealthily reminding her boss of the scarcity of the thing he most wanted, to be seen as important. He might have also recognized in her the similarity of the confidence he liked about himself. All of this helped her Advance to her goal of getting her raise. ➡️How about you? Do you have a similar experience? If you want to share your story anonymously, direct message AVA or email us at

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