Should I Have Not Told My Boss?

“I got a verbal offer for a job I was really excited about. They needed me to start right away. So I told my boss about it confidentially. My boss told her superiors and HR, and then they told me that I had to leave immediately. Should I have not told my boss?” 🅰AVA Advice ❇️The relationship between employee and boss is so important to our careers. According to moral leadership, your boss is someone you can trust with your career aspiration. In fact, we have heard this story where the boss did the right thing. The corporate world is not often just and that seems to be the case here. ❇️A: In assessing whether or not to tell your boss, think about how supportive they have been in the past. And definitely think about how your departure will affect them - most likely not well. Also part of your assessment is how certain the new job is. Common advice is to not tell anyone at your work until you have a written, signed offer. ❇️V: What is your long-term career path? Will you be working with your boss’ company in the future? Will they see your new role as helpful or hurtful to them? Might you ever want to come back to this company? Try to visualize the bridge you need to build to a future state beyond the new job. ❇️A: If you feel you need to address it internally, find someone you can truly trust that has power and influence within the organization and get their feedback. Or wait until you are certain about the new role and leave on your terms. ➡️How about you? Do you have a similar experience? If you want to share your story anonymously, direct message AVA or email us at

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