My Coworkers Are Trying To Sabotage My Promotion

"I was offered a new position as the Business Development Coordinator at a new department where I could be the lead. I spoke about it with my co-workers before the promotion was announced because I thought they were my friends. However, they are literally trying to crash me now, by going to the general manager for me not to get that position. I am devastated and feel so betrayed."⠀ 🅰AVA Advice⠀ ❇️Start by recognizing this win of the recognition of your talents and potential. You have the hard skills to grow in the direction of your dreams. Now let’s talk about the soft skills you need to finesse the power matrix at work.⠀ ❇️While it might feel unfair, trusting work “friends” is a tricky proposition. Your co-workers were most likely your rivals in this situation. “Office friends” often agree on things to avoid conflict; this is easy when the topics are benign. Your recognition made them look at their own situation. As your peer, they aren’t motivated to be loyal or protect you when a job they prize is on the line. Envy can quickly make the insecure use their power to find ways to bring others down.⠀ ❇️Learning the game of power requires a shift in our perspective at work. It takes practice and many times challenges us to behave in ways that aren’t natural. In this case you need to shift your thoughts about the role of co-workers. They can be valuable resources and great company. However, keep your own professional counsel at work: use non-work family and friends to share your joys and concerns about work. Use this experience to hone your view of the motivations and potential of your work peers and leaders. You can learn approaches specific for you in our Power & Influence workshop. ➡️How about you? Do you have a similar experience? If you want to share your story anonymously, direct message AVA or email us at

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