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During a job interview, interviewers or recruiters ask for examples of how you handled a situation in the past to see how you might act in a new role. It's called behavioral interviewing. Be prepared by thinking of a story that demonstrates your qualification and skills needed for the job you want to land.

Think about the job you are being interviewed for. Look at the job description and the qualifications or skills they might be looking for. Then craft a few stories that you can use to make you look like just the candidate they are looking for.

Be mindful in the interview that you don't overuse story telling. If they interviewer is asking you a direct question, like what interests you in this job?, answering directly back will work better than a story. Use your stories when they ask question about your qualifications or are probing how you will handle a future hypothetical situation in the job.

For example, if they ask you, how you will manage such a complex project, you can answer with a story about a complex situation or project you handled in the past. Start with how you got the project or your view of the project. then explain what you did - what specific part you played. Be sure to explain the positive outcomes of the part you played. And then link how this brought you to where you are now and how you are ready for the job they are interviewing for.

Well-told stories can help you leave a better impression with the interviewer and helps them remember you after the interview is done. In a competitive marketplace, it can help you stand out from the rest.

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