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Self-Assessment to Career Exploration


Are you questioning your current employment situation? Rethinking how to live your best work life with lessons learned these past 18 months? Regardless of your starting point, this tool is a tickler to help you think about your Self-Assessment to Career Exploration --  It is a journey!

The journey is in your hands! You have to explore two sets of information, starting with your internal assessment or self-awareness.  Be brutally honest with yourself about what you need and what your current skills are. This isn’t easy but it is vital. Next, the other pieces of the puzzle require you to do research on the external world: employers, roles, and industries to compare against your recently completed self-assessment. Gaining a true understanding of potential roles and industries requires significant research. Take your time and think of this as an investment in the future: the more you put in the more you stand to gain later.

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