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How to Counter Gaslighting at Work


Dealing with gaslighting at work can be frustrating and scary. It's unfair that you even have to deal with it. You deserve a safe, productive work environment. It can also be scary because you already feel uncertain given the doubt the gaslighter has put in your head and you don't know the outcome of your efforts to fight them.

Part of AVA's formula for success is to first Assess, then Visualize, then Advance whenever you want to move forward at work. We suggest, you take some time to assess these tips and asses your current environment. For instance, how safe do you feel about going to HR? What is the gaslighter is in HR? What if it is your boss? Should you go to HR or maybe your boss' boss instead? Are you prepared to leave if you have to? Think  about who has the power in the organization and who you have a good relationships with. What is your credibility outside of the gaslighter? Visualize is about what you want. Do you want to stay at this company? Have you been angling for a promotion or do you just want to keep your head down and do your job? Visualize could also be you taking the time for self care and external help first - a coach or therapist. Then once you feel more certain, you can determine your best plan of attack (Advance).

The first step in defying a gaslighter is recognition that it is happening. The second step is taking back your sanity - your control. You get to determine what that looks like.

The tips above are from Fingerprint for Success. Which of these would work for the current environment you are in and where you want to go?

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