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Work-Life Integration (Instead of Balance)


Have you had it up to “here” with everyone talking about work-life balance? Feeling burned out from all the stress and challenges of 2020?

Shanon Marks (YouTube) ,and others, suggest that the notion of work-life balance is passe.  His tonic for burnout is to shift our thinking from balance to integration.

The idea of balance suggests you have to give up something to get what you need. Consider rather the tool of Work-Life INTEGRATION with three basic steps.

Know your destination. Take your  big tasks and break them into smaller ones with clear milestones.  Reward yourself when you achieve each milestone along the way.  Celebrating accomplishments helps you to recharge!

Know the Path. Write down the steps necessary to complete each milestone.  You now have the GPS and the vehicle to lead to completing your projects.  This combination of Knowing the Destination and the Path will reduce mental burnout.

Invent Time. Willpower decreases through the day so put your hardest tasks early.  You’ve heard this before, but getting behind during the day is having a negative impact on your mental health.  Working late and rising early won’t solve burnout.  Schedule your time before, during, and after work.  Evaluate your schedule on an ongoing basis to make the time you need.

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