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Many people approach their work one task at a time, and concentrate on each until they complete it, however long this takes. Timeboxing is different because it encourages you to focus on time instead of tasks. To use this tool, you allocate a certain number of hours or days, called a "timebox," to each activity. You then use this time – and only this time – to complete the task. It separates your day into nice boxes of time. Once you’ve got a time frame for a particular task, you can really focus.

Your approach to timeboxing can be super simple. At the least complex execution, you write down your Plan, Act – do the project in the allotted time, and then Evaluate how it worked.  There are some guidance tools like the Pomodoro approach, and also some Apps you can download.  No matter what your approach, give the timebox tool a go and let us know how it worked for you!

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