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Interview Preparation Tips


To stand out in your next interview, your interview preparation forms the foundation for success.

These four tips, done well, will make you confident and clear.

First research the Company you will be interviewing with! After you have read the website thoroughly, go beyond that by doing a recent Google Search to identify hot topics for the company. “I see that you just announced a joint venture with a company in Mexico! Looks like a great match to grow the business!”

Know each and every item on your resume! Prepare to speak to every bullet point and adjective you have noted with your success stories. If you can’t speak to it convincingly, remove it from your resume!

The job description is your road map to making the case why you are the perfect fit. You can tailor the discussion to address traits they have identified in their document. Be prepared to pepper your interview with examples of the key traits.

Finally, prepare concrete examples of your skills. “I am a quick learner” is something anyone can say. What the employer wants to hear is something like “I taught myself the new HR software in less than a month, delighting my manager.” Tell a story! Refer back to our star tool for some good ideas for this preparation.

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