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Influence with Less Effort


By understanding how far our influence needs to travel we will be able to influence with less effort!

(1) You

The more we understand ourselves, the better we can adapt to others, increasing our influence.

By asking for feedback we can reflect on how to be more consistent with our behaviors and adapt to others more quickly.

(2) Travel

Understand where our influence needs to travel. We need to be clear on the target, allowing us to find more creative ways to get there.

(3) Build

Spend time on building key relationships before we need them. Create the right levels of connection and alignment motivates others to help us extend our influence in ways that is helpful to others as well.

(4) Listen

When we listen, others feel valued and when they feel valued they take more responsibility. When we get others talking, we influence them with their own words.

(5) Share

We influence others more quickly by saying relevant things, using examples and stories. This creates context enabling us to frame our influence in more powerful ways.

(6) Package

Learn to package our communications in concise ways that gives other the feeling they can share it easily with others. This allows key messages to be carried by others, increasing our influence and impact.

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