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Growth Zone


3 Ways to Move into the Growth Zone

  1. Identify the Fear

Fear is like a giant wall preventing us from growth. It prevents us from achieving our dreams and desires.

Before we can move past fear, we need to understand these barriers are and not just ignore them. Once we become aware of our fears and barriers, and move them into our conscious mind, it becomes easier to move through them. 

2  Seek Solutions

As I child, I learned to try something new if something’s not working. Don’t accept what is, unless it’s what you want: challenge anything that isn’t working by looking for an alternative.

So, if we define the fear, and then seek solutions to breaking through it, this focus on the solution will attract the resources and tools we need to move through the fear or barrier.

‍  3 Seek Comfort in Change

The beauty with breaking through to the Growth Zone is that as we become equipped at moving through fear, and seeking solutions to barriers, our comfort zone actually EXPANDS. We become more comfortable with growth, and change, and ultimately transformation. When we’re comfortable with transformation, we have nothing holding us back from achieving our potential and can create the life we desire.

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