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Getting Things Done "GTD"


Getting Things Done ( “GTD” is based on the idea of corralling  all the projects and tasks floating around in your head into an organizing system that you update weekly.

In theory, the system lets you to quickly identify the next step to keep all your projects moving forward. How to start: Do a weekly “mind sweep” by writing down everything you should be doing, want to do or dream of doing. This seems like the fun part!

Next, create new files, action lists, calendar items or reminders based on next steps. Your daily calendar is reserved for the most urgent items. Everything else is displayed on a “workflow map.”

Benefits: It clumps together your tasks by context, making it easy to, say, tackle phone calls all at once.

Downside: The system requires time to master. Seems best suited for those with lots of lots of things bouncing around in your brains!

What do you think?

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