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G.R.O.W. Model


From Inspiration to Action- GROW

As the graphic shows, GROW is an acronym for the four stages in a successful coaching conversation: 





The model provides framework for performance improvement and people development. It is simple as well as powerful.

In his book Coaching for Performance, Sir John Whitmore makes it clear that the key to GROW is to spend sufficient time exploring “G” and then move flexibly through the sequence according to your intuition, including revisiting the goal if needed.

Setting inspiring and challenging goals promotes self-motivation and responsibility, as well as increased productivity and personal satisfaction.

In the final “W” stage, your energy is focused on what will be done and by when. This is when discussion turns into decision and intention converts to action. “Will” is the barometer of success.

GROW promotes a coaching style of leadership built on partnership and collaboration. This creates alignment and expands creativity.

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