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Coaching Matrix


As someone who is  leader of people, take a moment to think about the ways
that you coach, and specifically how to do it better in the context of a
learning organization.  Consider using this 2×2 matrix with one axis showing
the information, advice, or expertise that a coach puts in to the
relationship with the person being coached. The other axis shows the
motivational energy that a coach pulls out by unlocking that person's own
insights and solutions. For example, the #2 box, Laissez-faire style, asks
little of the coach in the way of inputs and results generally in limited
motivation as an outcome.  At the other extreme, the #4 box Situational
style occurs when the coach offers significant amounts of advice and
expertise and results in insight discovery as  an outcome. Whether you are
the coach or being coached at work this matrix provides insights for making
choices in behavior. While you can't often choose your manager at work,
selecting a personal coach can be  an exciting career pivot point.  Read the AVA blog, Navigate Your Career With An Executive Coach.

A two-by-two matrix is a simple and effective way of presenting information.
It provides a big picture, single-glance view of options that are mutually
exclusive and collectively exhaustive.  This matrix is divided into four
boxes, which indicate different strategic actions for each option. Single
options are plotted into the matrix taking two key decision criteria into
account. The chosen two dimensions are independent from each other. A good
matrix takes thought to develop and is then simple to utilize!

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