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Blake Mouton Managerial Grid


At AVA we believe in the impact of understanding power. Real power is energy, It intensifies from inside as our insight and self-understanding grow. Insight is an integral element of being powerful.

A person with real power cannot have impact without first assessing themselves and the world around them. Let’s take a look at this tool to assess your style and the needs of your situation.

The Blake and Mouton Managerial Grid provides a simple way to understand your natural leadership style. It can also be used to understand the leadership style of others.

If you were hired as the manager of a small team what would be your instinctive approach to managing your team members? Would you think only of getting tasks completed on time, or instead focus on the welfare of your team? Or perhaps you’d be concerned with balancing both?

There is no singular best management style for all situations. The Blake and Mouton Managerial Grid is useful because it allows you to determine your preferred leadership style. Once you know this you can then take steps to address your own weaknesses and leverage the strengths of others so that you become a better all-around leader.

It can be easy to jump to the conclusion that the Team Management Style is the best style as it focuses strongly on both people and results, but that isn’t the full story. Every style of leadership has its place. For example, there are times when the Produce or Perish Style is most appropriate, such as when a business needs to be turned around quickly before it goes out of business.

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