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10 Signs of Gaslighting at Work


There are many sources and references about gaslighting at work. That means it's pretty common. It's unfortunate but it also means you are not alone.

Intentional or unintentional, gaslighting at work is a form of bullying. It can create a hostile work environment and certainly is the opposite of the psychological safety you deserve.

Since the goal of the abuser is to take the upper hand by controlling the narrative, it can leave you uncertain whether you are being gaslit or not. Worse, your doubt can deter you from taking back control or seeking help. Identifying it, naming it and documenting it as a good start.

We listed these 10 signs from Fingerprint for Success and read below for further detail on each sign to determine if any of them resonate with you. The most important thing to look for is a pattern. One or two incidents doesn't necessarily mean they are gaslighting you. They could just be a bad manager/leader.  If you are repeated experiencing and seeing the signs below, then you are most likely being gaslight. See our other tool posted on how to deal with a gaslighter.

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