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Assess. Visualize. Advance.

 What And Who We Are

Workshops For Corporations and Individuals

Content For Women In The Workplace


About AVA

A passion project, AVA was founded  based on our deep conviction that all women need to proactively help other women in the workplace - no matter what industry, level, background or career goal. We take an inclusive, solution-oriented, candid approach to sharing tools and skills for women to be engaged, satisfied and successful in their work. We provide content and in-depth, safe workshops to learn and practice the tools and skills you need to Assess, Visualize, and Advance, AVA, your career. 

This is our most important and most requested workshop!


Studies show that power and influence skills are the most critical for workplace success, no matter what level you are.

If you want to get ahead, get along or get happy at work,

come to the AVA Power & Influence Workshop. 


  • in-person and virtually

  • individuals and corporations/associations 


Power & Influence Workshop 


“Naming the things that are happening helps me understand what is going on.”


We'd love to hear from you!
What are your biggest obstacles at work?
What skill or capability would you like to master to advance your career?
Share with AVA so other women can learn too. 
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